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Style Icon: Matilda

Matilda is such an inspiration to us all. She was an avid reader, a cool supernatural powers-havin' chick, and she single-handedly defeated The Trunchbull. Hell yeah, girl. Plus, Matilda introduced us to the classic song that is "Send Me On My Way." (I never saw the music video for this song until today and all I can say is L O L, the '90s.)  —Katie

Urban Renewal Cutoff Overall Dress
Classic. When you're writing cryptic messages on the chalkboard with your mind, that pocket will come in handy for extra chalk.

BDG Printed 3/4 Sleeve Boatneck Tee

Throw this floral-printed shirt on underneath your overalls and congratulations! You're now rocking the quintessential '90s tomboy look.

Kimchi Blue Silky Sabrina Shirtdress
You'll look real cute as you watch poor old Bruce Bogtrotter finish off an entire chocolate cake.

Bowtie Headwrap
Last time you ransacked Trunchbull's house your bow fell off and gave you away, so this time you better make sure that thing is firmly attached to your head.

Lace Ruffle-Cuff Ankle Sock
Do we need a reason for adorable, ruffled ankle socks? I don't think so.

Classic Plimsoll Sneaker
Gotta have some sturdy kicks for when you're walking to the library to get more forbidden books! Parents just don't understand.