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Style Icon: Katie from Wet Hot American Summer

Katie was the babe at camp who just couldn't 100% commit to nice guy Coop. Who could? When Paul Rudd as Andy is around and wearing denim, does anyone else really have a chance anyway? She also rocked her crop tees, pigtails and short shorts better than any other 16-year-old girl who's not ready to get married. It's no wonder Andy wanted to make out with her face so much. If you do decide to take style inspiration from her, just make sure you stay away from the bad boy at camp this summer. —Katie

Get the look:

Truly Madly Deeply Mineralized Super-Cropped Tee
It will make all the boys be like, "I want you inside me."

Junk Food Zip-Up Hoodie Sweatshirt
If you ever find yourself running late for shul, just throw on a hoodie and you're good to go.

BDG Button Fly Cuffed Denim Short
"I don't care that you're bowlegged!"

Urban Renewal Bubble Yum Necklace
It may not be the classic puka shell necklace, but when you're making out with so many boys, it's nice to give the impression of fresh breath.

Sydney Embellished Friendship Bracelet
Even as you dump him, let Coop know that he still means soooo much to you by giving him a BFF friendship bracelet. Like, Andy is cut. Coop will understand.

Stretch Ponytail Holder
You're only 16-years-old! You gotta have your hair up in pigtails.