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Style Icon: Heat Miser

Heat Miser is from the claymation Christmas special The Year Without A Santa Claus, and he's badass. Look at his totally rad sparkly shirt! His wide, red-rimmed eyes! That nose! That hair! A true style icon if I ever saw one. If I was the child of Mother Nature, I would definitely rather be Heat Miser instead of his brother Snow Miser because life would be a permanent beach vacation. Who cares that Heat Miser is mean? Bitches get stuff done.—Katie

Sparkle & Fade Velvet Cropped Top
This red velvet shirt will shimmer nicely as you melt away your stupid brother's ice castle.

Kimchi Blue Metallic Jacquard Skirt
When you're screaming at Santa for paying more attention to your Snow Miser brother, a good idea would be to wear this sparkly skirt because why not?

Kimchi Blue Velvet Chelsea Boot
You are the Heat Miser, lover of all things hot, and as such there is no such thing as too much velvet.

Color Club Hearts Nail Art
Even though you're really mean and nobody likes you, you can at least put a little love on your fingertips. It goes with the outfit.

NYX Glitter Powder
Glitter does not need a reason.

Classic Bob Wig
Your hair is your art, and it takes a lot to make it look so good. The first step is this beautiful pink wig.

Hair Wear Makeup
The second step is combing in some of this yellow hair makeup to make it look like your beautiful pink hair is some sort of flaming, bubblegum explosion.

Michael O'Rourke Rock Your Hair Hard Gel
The third step is to empty this entire bottle of hair gel into your hair because your hair needs to stand straight up. Like, way up. Like, you have to look like you got electrocuted, or you're not doing it right. If nobody likes it, you can just melt them.