• Style Icon: Easter Bunny

    Boy oh boy, the Easter Bunny sure is a stylish fella. He really knows how to rock a solid pastel suit, which is definitely something we should all be doing more often. If you're stuck on what to wear this upcoming holiday, take a cue from our fine, furry friend and deck yourself out in pastels, bowties, and uh, more pastels. —Katie

    Tiltawhirl Round Sunglasses
    When you're hopping around in the sun, hiding Easter Eggs for all those crazy kids in your neighborhood, you'll want to make sure you pop on these babies to protect your peepers.

    UNIF Pastel Rainbow Faux Leather Moto Jacket
    In years past you may have gone for a subtler Easter look because of complaints from your coworkers, but this year you're letting your creativity shine. Santa and the other "imaginary" characters you work with can get bent.

    BDG Twill Twig High-Rise Pant
    Because hi, they match the jacket.

    Bike Icon Bowtie
    You wish you could afford a stupid car to make your deliveries in (biking up hills with a sack full of lame plastic eggs is so annoying), but until then, this bowtie commemorating your dumb bike will have to do.

    Critters Lip Balm
    Your lips get really dry after crawling around in the woods all night hiding eggs.

    Water Color Hydrating Hair Color Mask
    Your beautiful white fur is perfect for dyeing, so you decided to turn yourself into a lilac bunny this year. If one of the higher-ups complains (coughSantacough), you can tell them to calm down because shit's not even permanent.

    Cannabis Botanical Poster
    What? It's grass. That shit's all over on Easter! You're being festive! Just, y'know, don't line the Easter baskets with this kind.