• Style Icon: Dennis Van Welker

    He's a fat camp counselor. He's a Red Beret. He's an acting teacher. No matter what he is, Dennis Van Welker from Camp Nowhere earns the title as coolest (and probably the craziest) camp counselor of all time. He did, after all, trick hundreds of parents into thinking their kids were going to camp when REALLY they were goofing off at some lake eating pop tarts and Slim Jims all day. But even though he was running from the law and was possibly a little mentally unstable, Van Welker's sartorial choices make him a total style icon. Hazel

    Lazy Oaf Surf's Up Shirt
    A funky graphic button up shirt sends the message, "Hey! I'm your kooky fake camp counselor!"

    Tropicalia Denim Beach Pant
    Draw-string just keeps it super easy, ya know?

    Penfield Casper Colorblock 5-Panel Hat
    Choose between a bright cap...

    Stussy Camouflage Bucket Hat
    ...or a bucket hat! Now you've got the look!