• Style Icon: Claire Standish

    Molly Ringwald was the creme de la creme of the '80s. I'm pretty sure she was in literally every movie from 1984-1987 and then never in anything else ever again (except the jewel that is The Secret Life of the American Teenager, of course). (Okay, and Not Another Teen Movie.) One of her best roles from those three years of employment was as Claire in The Breakfast Club, the greatest detention movie ever made; these new shirts we got in especially prove that point. Remember when Dawson's Creek did the episode about it? Classic! Anyway, get to wearin' some pink thangs with a sassy red haircut, because damn, if Molly didn't look good. —Katie

    Get the look:

    Junk Food Breakfast Club Group Tee
    So meta.

    Pins and Needles Daisy Lace Tee
    Everyone's gonna think you're such a goody two-shoes, but I have a feeling that over the next hour and a half, you're gonna prove them wrong.

    Charles & 1/2 Moto Jacket
    You can't kiss a bad boy outside of detention without wearing a leather jacket.

    Coincidence & Chance Knit Circle Mini Skirt
    All the better to make everyone think you're nothing but a princess.

    Manic Panic Classic Cream Hair Dye
    Anyone who said red and pink clash knew nothing about style.

    Lime Crime Lipstick
    You're gonna need this. Trust me.