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Style Icon: Celebrity Having A Breakdown

Celebrities are typically pretty put together, style-wise. They have enough cash to buy designer swag, have their own fashion lines, and get paid to wear clothes. But sometimes celebrities don't have it all together. They break down a little bit (they're human, after all!), and that's when their style gets...well, pretty weird. But, not weird enough for us! If you want to look like a celeb having a breakdown, look no further than this post for the best tips. Hazel

Dye Your Hair Lilac
Pull an Amanda Bynes and dye your hair lilac. Then, obsessively write about your new hair color on Twitter. LILAC !!!!!!!

Hair Wear MakeUp

Match Your Beanie to Your Sweatshirt
Bieber's monochrome look is totally going to be all the rage next season. Get matchy-matchy in red and then flip out on everyone and act craZzZzy.

Obey Standard Issue Beanie

Alternative Hoodlum Pullover Hoodie

Have Pretty Pastel But Still Obscene Nail Art
Lindsay knew what she was doing when she took her nail art to a badass next level. You know how they say nail art is, like, a window to your soul? Well, they don't say that, but they should.

Models Own Nail Art Pen

Hologram Nail Polish

Wear a Fedora and Cry A Lot
I'm pretty sure she's wearing that one backwards. If you shave your head, you get bonus points.

Christys' Hats Straw Fedora Hat

Models Own Big Brush Mascara