• Style Icon: Archie

    Back off Betty and Veronica, the boy is mine. Archie Andrews was always the quintessential comic book cutie. Whether it was because of his clumsy charm or vintage bitchin' ride (you don't meet dudes these days who have jalopies, trust me), Archie was always wooing babes and readers alike. Maybe it had a little bit to do with Archie's classic American steez? Here's some tips on how to copy his look, Ben-Day dots not included! Hazel

    OBEY Vegan Leather Varsity Jacket
    Archie's a sporty dude. Fake your varsity spirit with a sick jacket.

    Dickies Skinny Straight Work Pant
    Bright red pants to compliment your ginger hair? Totally. Weirded out by color? You're a fucking cartoon character! You can wear whatever you want!

    BDG Stripe Regular Fit Tee
    Comic book characters dig striped Ts. Get one, duh.

    Vox Series 22 Guitar
    For fronting your kick ass garageband, The Archies!