• Style Icon: Andy From Wet Hot American Summer

    In the ultimate summer camp flick, Wet Hot American Summer, Paul Rudd plays Andy, the typical pissed off camp counselor who enjoys stickin' it to the man at Camp Firewood. On the last day of camp, Andy prances around changing his mind women every five seconds, namely between Katie and Lindsey, dramatically cleans up his lunch, and loves his double denim. Basically, Andy's nonstop 'tude, hilarious moodiness, and cutoffs make him quite a summer camp style icon. You may have to draw the hardcore anarchy symbol from his denim jacket yourself, though. Maddie

    Get the Look:

    Levi's Ghost Denim Trucker Jacket
    Denim jacket, #1 camp necessity.

    Standard Cloth Super Skinny Jean
    I feel like Andy would really appreciate these acid wash jeans. They look nice and weathered because who knows where he's been in his denim.

    Eagle Tee
    I'm certain Andy would love to throw on this majestic eagle t-shirt under his always necessary denim jacket.

    Bone Bead Necklace
    Maybe all of Andy's neck slash eye rolls to everyone at Camp Firewood are just to show off his killer shell necklace he probably made himself. This isn't an exact replica, but you get the straight from the beach point.

    Teva Original Sandal
    Running around camp all day trying to decide who you're in love with and watching kids try to swim in the lake must get tiring. Andy would definitely benefit from these comfy sandals.