• Style Icon: A Disco Ball

    Wow, remember when disco balls had that spread in Vogue last month? Yeah, me neither, but they totally should have. Disco balls have got it going on! They're sparkly, shiny and, uh, sparkly. We should all follow in their footsteps, especially with NYE coming up. So, suit up, but make sure that suit is covered in glitter and/or sequins.—Katie

    Motel Sequin Stardust Romper
    A sequin covered romper? Be still, my heart.

    Pins and Needles Sequin Blazer
    When you're twirling away on the dance floor, you might get a little chilly. This sequin covered blazer will (probably not) warm you right up.

    Pretty Polly Embellished Sparkle Tight
    Real disco balls don't have legs, but if they did, I bet they would wear these tights.

    Druzy Stone Earring
    While disco hits from 1973 blare from the speakers, let these earrings do the talking for you.

    Le Specs Halfmoon Magic Sunglasses
    This disco ball theme is sort of devolving into a rave theme, but these sunglasses are too fun to pass up.

    UO Nail Polish - The Sparkle Collection
    If you are trying to emulate a disco ball and you don't put on sparkly silver nail polish, then what are you doing?

    Vans SK8 Sequin High-Top Flatform-Sneaker
    These sequined flat-form sneakers will ensure that you tower (and sparkle) over the rest of the crowd so that your sparkling goodness is visible to people far and near.