• Store on Tour Tortoise & Blonde

    Tortoise & Blonde's Evan Weisfeld opens up about life on the road with the Store on Tour and his family business...

    Is this your first eyeglass tour?
    It may be our first official tour but Tortoise & Blonde have been hitting the music circuit hard all summer. SXSW was my favorite because we are a very music oriented brand.

    I noticed a lot of bands have been wearing T&B, do you have a favorite?
    Ra Ra Riot! We love so many bands, Pearl & the Beard and Savoir Adore and others can all be seen wearing our glasses.

    Any crazy tour stories?
    We try to stay away from most of the craze but the weather's been pretty insane in some spots and we've encountered some crazy good food, like mustard BBQ and macaroni & cheese pulled pork tacos.

    Is your whole family wearing T&B?
    My family have been in this business for over 70 years but Tortoise & Blonde began in 2010. Our goal is bringing the family business into the 21st century. Which is something we're definitely doing by being very music oriented.

    What have you been listening to on the road?
    Mike Snow, Girl Talk, Flux, Pretty Lights. I love Fleetwood Mac and classic rock. Anything to keep the momentum up.

    How has the reception been for you guys on the Store on Tour and what's been your best seller so far?
    It's been incredibly good. Eyeglasses aren't an impulse buy, but they're a necessity for some and all of our glasses are just $97. We have a million styles to choose from. The best seller for sure is the tortoise shell. We're doing a tortoise in the new collection that will benefit breast cancer and be a pink tortoise.

    What's next for Tortoise & Blonde?
    Our new line is coming out in December. We've played it very safe so far but this new collection will have a lot more color. We'll be doing a lot of school pop-up shops during November and then hopefully, taking a little break.

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    X - Jen