• Store on Tour: Meaghan Creamer

    Meet Meaghan Creamer, the go-to girl at the Store on Tour!  She's fun, out-going, and if we hear she knows where the secret stash of free cameras are.

    Introduce yourself.
    My name is Meaghan Creamer and I'm the Assistant Manager at Store 3 in Center City Philadelphia, and that is where I live.

    How did you end up on our Store on Tour?
    There were candidates nominated from each region and I was the lucky one that got picked!

    What do you do on a typical day?
    We set up the shop each morning, and close the container down each night.  We're here representing the Urban Outfitters brand and giving the best customer service we can.

    Have you ever traveled across the United States?
    I've never traveled across the country but I have lived in Maine, Massachusetts, California, and Texas.  I did travel to Italy last year for two weeks by myself.  It was pretty crazy!

    Where is one place you want to travel before you die?
    India.  I just love the culture.  It's a beautiful country.

    What are five things you need on the road?
    Music, company, whiskey, my iPhone, and my Tortoise & Blonde sunglasses.

    What is your biggest travel fear?
    My biggest fear would be to travel somewhere in a foreign country and run out of money.  That would be pretty scary.

    Follow along with Meaghan and the rest of the crew @UOTour!