• Stoner Style: Trent Lane

    So the Daria writers never implicity said that Jane Lane's sexy, older alterna-brother was a pothead, but it was pretty much implied by the sleepy drawl he used to ponder the universe, fight the man and talk about his band (which was called Mystik Spiral; I mean do you need more evidence that that?) Trent was the epitome of '90s alternative, accessorizing his go-to uniform of t-shirt and jeans with a singular necklace, myriad rings, signature wristband and an unwavering dedication to naps.

    As a kid Trent was my favorite character, which was maybe indicative of future life choices, but looking back I see that Trent offered some pretty real-shit life advice to Daria and Jane.  Damn, now I'm getting all nostalgic and thinking that a 4/20 marathon Daria sesh sounds like it might be the move. Angelo 

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