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Stoner Style: Jay & Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob are two of the greatest weed dealers of all time (even if they kinda suck at their job).  The duo can be found dancing outside the Quick Stop, hanging at the Eden Prairie Center Mall or road-tripping to New Jersey to stop fallen angels from going back to heaven.  Whether the people around them consider them an annoyance, prophets, or the greatest comic book characters of all time, these two dudes are just your normal every-day stoner BFFs with a classic grunge style so on point, you would never know they've been wearing the same clothes since 1994. Want to get their look? Here's how. —Ally

Coal The Richmond x Otter Wax 5-Panel Hat
First, you'll need to start out with Jay and Silent Bob's signature hats. For Bob, wear a backwards hat (preferably all black or a dirty "off white" snapback).

UO Watch Cap
For Jay, a beanie with some kind of weird word or phrase embroidered on it will work. I'd go with "Snoogans."

Clip Scene Hair Extensions
Yeah, so what if extensions are usually for girls.  That doesn't mean you guys can't try them out to in honor of Bluntman and Chronic! Plus, your hats will cover up them up. 


Cheap Monday Francis Parka
Both guys wear a lot of layers, but their coats are the most important. Bob always wears his long trench (something we don't sell, but this parka is close enough).

Jay tens to wear waterproof jackets and parkas with grey zip-up hoodies underneath. We have a feeling he'd dig this jacket, with the whole rebellious yet religious theme.

Standard Cloth Distressed Straight Jean
Baggy blue jeans for Bob...

Obey Encore Sweatpant
And an old pair of sweat pants for Jay. 

Vans Suede Chukka Boot
For either guy, an all-black skater style shoe will do the trick.

A Litte Extra:

Lasonic i-931 BT Boombox Wireless Speaker
After you have the right pants and shoes, add a boom box. You know, to dance to.  You never know when Prince might come on the radio...

Superstar Lipline Debut Lip Balm
Sorry Bob, we don't sell cigarettes. Luckily for Jay, we DO sell chapstick.

You can also add some flair to your new gear with some pins.

Now, all you need is a little bit of chronic and some beer and you can spend the rest of your night getting blitzed and hanging out with your BFF, trying to pick up chicks (though don't be surprised if you end up hanging out with an orangoutang instead).