• Stoner Style: Jane from Smiley Face

    What do you do when you eat an entire batch of pot cupcakes? Stay high for what seems like forever, that's what. Luckily, Jane from Gregg Araki's movie Smiley Face did just that and a bunch of other fun activities (audition for a movie, meet a talking dog; ya know, normal stuff!) in style. Or, at least stoner style. Here's how to get Jane's look, cannabis cupcakes not included. Hazel

    Alternative Hoodlum Pullover Hoodie
    An over-sized bright red hoodie will chill you out in case things get TOO intense.

    Smiley Face Muscle Tee
    Smiley faces! 'Cause you're so happy and HIGH AS HELL.

    BDG Slim Straight Jean
    A simple pair of cozy jeans because you totally give a shit when it comes to comfort.

    High Times Cookbook
    For making more delicious snacks to eat when you get the "munchos" or the "hungries." Real potheads don't say "munchies," ya know?

    Picture Frame - Set of 10
    A frame to hang the things you really care about, like lasagna. Or, maybe you'll frame a picture of Garfield as a short-hand way of framing lasagna. Oh my god, that would be so fucking inside!