• Stoner Style: James Franco in Pineapple Express

    James Franco in Pineapple Express has some pretty classic style goin' on. With his laid-back shark tees, dirty drawstring pants, and long, unwashed hair, he's the poster child for "College Cool." So incredibly fly. It makes smoking out of that bong on your mom's couch look even cooler than it already is. —Katie

    Great White Shark Tee
    "Whoa, it's like it's coming right at me, man, " said Li'l Stinky, a guy who is definitely not a pot dealer.

    Kill City Sun-Faded Henley Shirt
    This counts as a button-down, right? My mom told me to wear a button-down to dinner tonight, and I think this counts.

    All-Son Camo Cargo Pant
    You never know when you'll need to hide in a giant bush by the side of the road.

    Anchor Slip-On Sneaker
    Are these made of hemp? These better be made of hemp.

    Vans Overnighter Duffle Bag
    Because Vans is like, a cool company, they're cool. They totally sponsored me on my first half-pipe tour.

    Mishka Homegrown Watch
    How many "high time" jokes do you think could be made with this watch? 10? 1,000?