• Stoned Drivers Hit Test Course

    How much marijuana is too much to be on the road? KIROtv conducted an amazing experiment to find out. They got a few of volunteers super stoned on the strain "Blueberry Trainwreck" and put them behind the wheel (with the cooperation of police, of course).  Are you reading this? THEY GOT PEOPLE STONED AND PUT THEM BEHIND THE WHEEL.  My question is: how did they get to do this? How do I get to do this?

    The best of all is Addy, the medical marijuana and daily user, whose outtakes and seemingly "awesome" time behind the wheel can't help but make you laugh. Although it seems fun we DO NOT support driving stoned, but we do support living vicariously through Ms. Norton's attempt. See you at the mall later, girl! Just make sure you use your windshield wipers and don't show up completely stoned in advance. —Ally