• Stocking Stuffers for Whimsy Addicts

    Everyone's got that special someone in their life who loves tiny paper garlands, mason jars, ukeleles and typewriters. If you're clueless on all things twee, give one of these gifts to your best whimsical pal and watch their face light up as they imagine posing in a wheat field with their newfound treasure laid delicately at their feet.—Katie

    PX 600 Silver Shade UV+ Instant Film by Impossible Project
    Those old-school Polaroid cameras are the epitome of whimsical, but they're nothing without film. And at $28 a pop, anyone will appreciate getting gifted a couple cartons of these.

    Woodland Twilights LED Nightlight

    These adorable critter nightlights can light your path as you meander through the woods on a starry, moonlit night. Or they can like, light up your bathroom.

    Flower Crown Headband
    A delicate flower headband is a nice, subtle alternative to the over-sized rose crowns Lana Del Rey made so popular.

    Craft-A-Day by Sarah Goldschadt
    A craft for every day! Perfect! The quest for whimsy is not complete until approximately 96% of your house is a homemade good of some sort.

    TLC - CrazySexyCool LP
    If your friend has been spinning a little too much Belle and Sebastian (is that even a good whimsical band reference?), slip them this TLC album. It's TLC. It's vinyl. It's the perfect marriage of everything great in life.