• Stine Goya

    Designed by Stine Goya

    Where do you live?
    I am living in Copenhagen, close to the center, in a quiet and peaceful area with a view over the lakes of Copenhagen.

    When did you found Stine Goya?
    The company was founded in Copenhagen in 2006.  At the outset of starting my own brand it was simply to contribute my own aesthetic and approach to design without regard to another's pre-conceived vision or brand profile.  My ambition with the company has always been to move forward, and not succumb to established trends in a bid to capitalize on them. 

    What sparked the creation of your line?
    Design was always the ultimate goal.  I started modeling and styling, and in 2005 I graduated from Central St. Martins College of Art & Design in London, where I majored in fashion print.  My time as fashion editor of Danish fashion magazine Cover was a fantastic opportunity, which turned on my return to Denmark after I'd finished my degree.  After working in those different areas of fashion for many years, I decided I wanted to start my own line.  I feel these dallies into other areas of fashion have been very influential in the way I approach my work as a designer– they have given me invaluable insight in terms of the facets of the industry, which makes the work into a larger context.

    What are some influences behind your designs?
    I can find inspiration in a wide array of places, and previous collections have drawn on such different things as the movie Spellbound by Hitchcock to the atmosphere of extravagance and decadence that permeates the Hamptons.

    I want the clothing to be sophisticated yet understated; each collection formed around a certain universe.  The essence of my designs lie in the visual portrayal of an emotion or tone, inspired by a wide spectrum of contemporary and classical sources.  The striking prints are a central characteristic of my designs, and often refer to the dominant sources of inspiration, further illustrating the underlying tone of a collection.  They are the essence of the brand Stine Goya.  

    What kind of girl do you imagine wearing your collection?
    There is no one Stine Goya girl, but perhaps a girl who is not afraid to wear clothes with shapes and colors and is extremely trend conscious but not afraid to break the norms of fashion as well.  I think my designs have a relatively wide appeal, both in the realm of age and type.  I try to design for the individual rather than seeking to converge with mass trends, and I find it interesting how the clothing is taken out of the context of a collection and combined with a woman's wardrobe in a personal interpretation.

    What is your favorite piece from your collection?
    From the Spring/Sumer 2011 collection my favorite piece is the Rose dress with a print called Wonderland.  The colors are dusty and light and the shapes on the print and the tone-in-tone effects give the collection a unique and complete expression.

    What is your favorite part about living in Copenhagen?
    The Danish mentality is so easy to live with.  I also think that Copenhagen is a beautiful city with so many places to go, offering something metropolitan with a small and cozy feeling as well.

    If a visitor only had a weekend in your city, where would you tell the to go?
    I would tell them to go to the center of Copenhagen where we have some of Copenhagen's oldest, most beautiful and extraordinary buildings.  Copenhagen is also a good place for shopping and relaxing in the lovely parks as well.  I would also suggest visiting Christianshavn, which is most know for Christiania, but also its pleasant and relaxing atmosphere which characterizes the overall mood.

    How long did you model and who did you model for?
    I was modeling for five years, and I did shows for Chanel, Kenzo, Veronique Branquihno, etc.

    Does your modeling background influence the way you design?
    It has nuanced my work and given me a solid understanding, only only of the protected universe which one creates in the unity of a collection but also the interpretation of fashion by a plethora of other contributors to the fashion industry.  Is it important to me that my pieces have strength of design, which makes them interesting, also when it is taken out of the stylistic empowerment of a collection.