• 'Steve' by Patrick Pearse

    Maybe it's the music—the jazz AND the Freebird—or maybe it's just my fascination with legendary pro skaters, but Patrick Pearse's new video for Desillusion Magazine just makes Steve Olson look SO COOL. He's one of those old school, badass dudes, who lives in Cali, drives a motorcycle and spends his days sitting by the pool (empty ones, duh) not giving a single fuck. 

    One of greatest things Steve ever did was help create his super cute son Alex, which leads me to the following life plan: marry a skateboarder, move to L.A., have a son and force my husband to teach him to skate instead of play catch like normal dads do.  When he goes pro at 16, I'll retire and sit back with my sk8r boi and soak in the sun, waves and cigarette smoke 'til death (or a younger girlfriend) do us part. —Ally