• Spotlight on: Unbranded Denim

    Unbranded is the brand with "no branding; no washes; no embroidery; no ad campaigns; no celebrities." Created by denim-fanatic Brandon Svarc, Unbranded is made with 14.5 oz selvedge denim that's woven on old-school shuttle looms and can't be mass-produced. "Denim is in my blood," Svarc says. "My family has been in this industry for over 58 years. I started Unbranded as a concept to provide 'product value' to the consumer. I think it’s silly that people have to pay for all the branding, advertising, etc., when they buy a pair of jeans. So with Unbranded, we decided to be exactly the opposite of all the bullshit in the industry. We won’t sell 'glamour' or 'design' or 'celebrities'... just jeans."

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