• Micah Cohen in a F/W 2010 design.

    Spotlight On: Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen

    29-year-old Micah Cohen likes to joke that the early success of his fairly new line is the result of "beating small children" and borrowing fur from "three-month old puppies," but in reality the L.A. based designer is just a hard worker devoted to one thing: making great, updated classics.

    Micah prefers to work with faux fur and pleather options for his Shades of Grey collection so no puppies are harmed in his design process, which includes literally writing out a plan for each design before he even touches a scrap of fabric. While he never designs with a theme in mind, his fall line is piles of richly colored plaids, utility jackets, chambray shirts and cargo pants totally fit for a mountain man (even if said mountain man lives downtown and hates the thought of eating beans from a can).

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