• Spooky Tunes: Psychomania

    If you've never heard of the movie Psychomania, then you should totally check out this review of it, which gives a pretty good breakdown of what happens throughout the movie, as well as some solid screencaps. Basically, it's a movie about zombie bikers from hell who terrorize/murder people in their town. NEAT! Since it came out in '73, it's also got a totally groovy and sinister soundtrack with songs heavy on psych-rock riffs. With names like Motorcycle Mayhem, One By One, and The Trap, you know you're in for some murderously good tunes. Perfect for compiling a rockin' Friday the 13th playlist. The movie itself is worth scoping the 'net for, too (hint: here's Part 1 on YouTube). The cinematography (and fashion) is pretty killer.

    And bonus: there's also an amazing scene where Tom, the main Zombie Motorcycle Rider From Hell, gets buried after his initial accident, and it's great because he's buried sitting up! On his motorcycle! While a hippie plays guitar! How I want to be buried, TBH. —Katie