• Spell & The Gypsy Collective

    If you're dusting off your boots from Coachella or, like me, you've trawled through enough festival fashion photos while sipping on coconut water that you can vicariously feel Tame Impala still ringing in your ears, you will likely have come across an outfit or two from Spell & the Gypsy Collective

    Sisters Elizabeth and Isabella "Spell" Briedis make the kind of clothes destined for desert frolicking, sunset swaying, and boy-in-the-band finagling—all cheeky shorts, fringed vests, crochet dresses, breezy jumpsuits and exotic kimonos. But, as their Instagram feed can attest, they don't just dream the gyspy life, they live it, soaking up the flower-child vibes of Byron Bay, the Australian coastal town they call HQ. Here they mix business and the beach, bedecked in shredded band tees, Stevie Nicks-worthy silks and stacks of Native American-influenced jewelry. 

    "Spell and I both grew up in the suburban sprawl of Melbourne, but always had a yearning to jump in a car and fly up the coast highway to a warmer, tropical fairyland," Elizabeth says. "Whether you live in a city or a beachside town, we all get wound up in our own busy routines and how we dress and accessorize can help us channel that wild-child-of-the-'60s alter-ego that usually only comes out at a festival, or on holiday…. I think that Spell taps into that sense of freedom we all crave now and then." For Spring 2013, the duo explored "lots of textures—tasseled knits, lace, velvet and animal print. Our jewellery range is about to get very bold with chunky carved bone tusks and animal claws that we've cast in brass and silver. It's all very wild this season." To celebrate the recent opening of their flagship store in Byron Bay, which they have kitted-out with vintage antler lamps, cane chairs, cowhides and distressed leather couches, Elizabeth gives us a peek into their new boutique and shares some of Spell's hippie wisdom and local favorites. 

    Our Perfect Byron Bay day: Early to rise, coffee and pastry at our fave café with girlfriends and their kids, then spend the day at a quiet beach with our boys. Or, if we're lucky, it's the first sunday of the month and we'll head to the Byron Markets for an organic donut. Muses: Stevie Nicks, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller in her boho heyday. Words to live by: Inspire and be inspired. Also, my mum gave me the Desiderata in a birthday card when I turned 12, and every year I read it on my birthday and use it as a compass. Favorite scent: Vanessa Megan Essential Blend. Current obsession: Vintage rocker tees and bells. Favorite foods: Oysters, or all seafood, really. Byron Bay has an epic fish co-op. Our idea of fun: Designing a new range with Spelly, Fleetwood Mac playing in the background. Our take on style: Style is only style if it's your own style. For me, I dress down and over-accessorize. On our stereo right now, you'll find: Storms by Fleetwood Mac—I'm learning it on guitar. —Natalie