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    At just 15-years-old, The Stylish Wanderer is a mainstay among blogging royalty– she's already starred in an international clothing campaign, been invited to Fashion Week and inspired a piece of jewelry.  Still, somewhere between scouring L.A. for vintage boots and finishing her homework, Minnie made time to tell us about her favorite spring shoes– and the one outfit she doesn't want you to know about.

    Where are you from? 
    I live in Los Angeles. I was born here and then moved away to Oregon for five years but returned to L.A. a year and a half ago. Right now I am working on trying to define the fashion that the majority of L.A. teens follow– it's kind of messy with lots of simple chains and piled-up bracelets, plaid, leather boots, and florals. Really, I want to write a whole paper on it; the feel of the style here is so interesting. It's not like Portland, it's not like New York– it's L.A.! 

    What’s a typical outfit for you at the moment?
     I am really into pretty florals and white dreamy breezy cotton right now. Really romantic. Think the sirens in Oh Brother Where Art Thou

    Describe a moment blogging you’ve felt most inspired? 
    One company emailed me last spring to do a campaign which ran for two months in the fall, across the world, and when I got the email a huge smile spread across my face. Blogging is an incredible vehicle for doing things and meeting people and working with clothes, and of course, giving your opinion to the world.

    How do you avoid feeling like blogging is just another job you have to do? 
    I went through a period of time when I felt like I just had to blog all the time, but now I blog when I want to, and when I feel like I have something to say. 

    If we came to your home and looked in your room, what would we find? 
    I know its cliché, but clothes dominate most of my room. I also have these beautiful pastel paintings—a set of five, actually—that are these different roses. Roses are so beautiful, and I love these paintings, I bought them at the Fairfax Flea Market.  Mountains of jewlery, some cheap, some expensive. 

    What are your favorite ways to spend a day? 
    I love reading and I love writing fiction, both things which I never seem to have the time for anymore. 

    Who was your style hero as a kid? What about now? 
    I loved Audrey Hepburn when I was little, I still do. When I was little, my justification was that she had bangs and I had bangs (my mom used to cut them short like Audrey's). Now I just admire her classic dressing and impeccable taste, as well as her lifelong collaboration with Givenchy. 

    What designer would you write a song for, and what would you name it? 
    I wrote an ode to the geniuses Jack and Lazaro at Proenza Schouler, or more specifically, to a shoe they designed. So I guess it would be to those guys. I'd call it something like "You Two Make Me Blue Because I Can't Own You"or something cheesy like that– I love the designs but the prices are out of my range. 

    What would you say to someone who tells you fashion is trivial? 
    I'd tell them they wouldn't know what they were talking about... at all. That's one of the subjects that I can get really mad about, when someone says fashion is "superficial" or "stupid" or "vain." The fashion world is a billion dollar industry inspiring millions world-wide, creating jobs.  More than that, it's an outlet of expression for so many people. When I first started blogging I didnt agree with what I'm about to say, but now I have come to realize that fashion is an art, just like music or pottery. 

    Describe your favorite pair of shoes.  
    My first pair of real heels I bought two years ago at a sale at Macys. I still own them, they are these Marc by Marc Jacobs navy and cream oxfords with a two inch heel, which seemed huge at the time. I wear them today, and they're still as beautiful as the day I bought them, they are so classic. 

    Would you ever be on a reality TV show?
    I have actually gotten several offers to be a part of a show, but I've turned them down. I think reality TV is ruining the entertainment industry–I mean, the Kardashians? Really? Come on, America. However, if I had to choose, it would either be Project Runway or America's Next Top Model, the former because it would be interesting to design clothes and the latter because I love all the situations and settings they put the models in. 

    The worst thing I’ve gotten away with was _____.
    Wearing a pair of acid wash shorts, red tights,  bronze Doc Martens and an ill-fitting cream shirt that was see-through. This was a couple years ago. The photos are on my blog somewhere but I don't want to see those ever again. 

    What are your favorite shoe trends for spring? 

     1. Wooden wedges and platforms with leather straps 
    Celine sent a pair of wooden wedges down the runway that took the Internet street style world by storm. I have a pair of Joe's Jeans platforms that are black and studded and beautiful.

    2. Neon heels 
    Neon is such a fresh color for spring and Teen Vogue had an editorial recently that featured neon wedges.  Neon can be so fun. 

    3. Two-tone leather lace-up roper boots
    These are just a staple. I have several pairs of roper boots, I actually just bought a white pair from the flea market. They're classic and go with everything and they're a favorite among L.A. teens.

    4. Strappy heels 
    Straps on heels allows for more wiggle room in a shoe, and your foot doesn't sweat, which is perfect for the spring sun!

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