• Shoe Club: Anna Apse

    Anna Apse is our women's trend strategist, which means she forecasts and collects trends for our buyers and designers. She's also supremely well-helled—meaning that, whether its a pair of worn-in moccasins or towering wedges, Anna's always wearing great shoes. Here, she gives us her take on what's in store this spring's biggest trends in footwear. 

    How did you become interested in fashion? 
    A combination of people and timing: Mom x Dad x Sister x Seventeen Magazine. My older sister Krista was a real influence because in the '90s she worked at the GAP (probably during their best years), which I thought was the coolest at the time. She also used to make a lot of her own clothing, even sometimes stuff for me, some of which I wore until it fell apart. My mom would take me out shopping, and we wouldn’t spend a lot of money but we would spend entire days just walking around the mall—we did this for years.  At that same time I remember being at home watching TV with my dad, and between Bugs Bunny and the news we would watch Fashion File (It was the Tim Blanks years, and I think my dad just watched it for the babes). I bought Seventeen Magazine, and tore out all the ads to put them on my wall and spent afternoons going through thrift stores. Fashion and retail just become something that I loved.

    Who are your favorite clothing designers? 
    At the moment Hannah MacGibbon for Chloé, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough for Proenza Schouler, and Eviana Hartman for Bodkin. My all-time is Karl Lagerfeld.

    Who are your favorite shoe designers? 
    Currently Alexander Wang, Acne and Rachel Comey.

    What are your favorite shoes you own?
    Acne Atacomas: I bought them in Toronto before moving here to Philadelphia. These shoes and I are in a serious relationship of sorts, purely based on looks though—the shoes make me so tall but still are easy to walk in.

    Low-cut leather-soled mocassins: I bought them at a farmer's market in Toronto. They're like walking in your bare feet and great in the summer to wear with jeans or jean shorts. I went through three pairs last summer—next time I am home, I will have to buy a couple of pairs to bring back. 

    Alexander Wang Ines Oxford: These are from Opening Ceremony and they make me feel a little bit like a cowboy without the commitment of any other part of that look. Also, I like the clean details of the heel and the fact it has a hidden elastic, not laces.

    What big shoe trends do you see for spring?
    Socks and sandals—it's coming for you. 
    Platform sandals. 
    Clogs, obviously.