• Sammy Slice and Dave P on UO Radio

    Dave P and Sammy Slice are two of our favorite DJs and just all-around nice guys. They recently DJ'd the opening of our store on Fifth Ave. in New York, and you can now listen to an hour of their set on UO Radio or catch them in person at the annual Making Time New Year's Eve Freakout. In honor of their collaboration, we asked them a bunch of stupid questions—and they answered. 

    How did you guys meet?
    Dave P: Sammy and I met two summers ago at PYT. We were both booked by our friends Matt Gallager and Dominic Palermo to play at their book release party there. We assembled the entire DJ set up and sound system together, which is always a great bonding experience.

    Sammy: Nope! That’s what I thought at first, but it was earlier than that. My friend Nick just sent me this picture the other day. It was from when we were first introduced back in 2008 at Snacks at Woody’s. I’m using the wonders of party photography to trace our past. I also look like I’m 11-years-old.

    What made you decide to start working together? 
    Dave P: This past Halloween night, Sammy invited me to play with him at his Sunday night party, “10,” in the basement of Voyeur Nightclub. We started the night playing a few songs each and around midnight a small dance floor started. As the night progressed we started playing together more and the night got more and more wild until about the last hour, when we realized we were playing three tracks at a time for the duration of the night and the entire dance floor was freaking out like crazy people. We knew we have similar tastes in dance music but it wasn’t until we played together that night that we actually thought we should work together. That, and we both share a common interest in fancy button down shirts.

    What have you learned from each other? 
    Dave P: I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with playing a little hip-hop in a DJ set and that tempo changes can be pretty rad. I’ve also learned that toasting your bagel with the cream cheese on it tastes pretty good. 

    Sammy: He’s tried to show me how to open a beer bottle using a lighter probably 50 times. I still can’t do it and I actually cut my hand open trying.

    What are your favorite snacks? 
    Sammy: Oreos by the sleeve. 

    Dave P: Soft pretzels with the cheddar cheese dipping sauce from the Pretzel Factory on Washington Avenue. Unfortunately, they don’t open until 11pm usually so they end up being a late night snack.

    Is there a type of music, artist or particular song that you do not agree on? 
    Sammy: I bet Dave says rap. 

    Dave P: Rap! Just kidding, not really, just that Lion King dance track I hear out sometimes. 

    You guys both are wearing pretty nice sweaters in that photo above. What's your favorite?
    Sammy: Me talking about sweaters while doing an interview with Dave is a waste of time. He’s much more versed on the topic. He’ll probably talk about this weird black and white elk sweater he’s been wearing every day. 

    Dave P: Swish! Sammy, you win! I stole it from my girlfriend actually, it’s Limited Express. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that? I’m not sure if it’s an elk but I’ll just go with that. That’s my girlfriend in the sweater in this picture, not me. That was the last time she got to wear it…ever.

    You guys also smelled pretty good that day. What cologne were you wearing?
    Sammy: This YSL cologne in a black bottle. I don’t know the exact name, but it smells fancy. 

    Dave P: C’mon Sammy, we all know you love Drakkar. Maybe he wears YSL sometimes too when he wants to be fancy. Recently I’ve been wearing the new Marc Jacobs, which has a terrible name–"Bang." I like it but it’s not my favorite and I really hate saying the name when people ask what it is. I always feel like I need to make up an excuse for it. I’d have to say my favorite cologne is Commes Des Garcon 2, which I need more of by the way. I was really into the special edition bottle they did with purple glitter. 

    Cat videos on YouTube: Love 'em or leave 'em?

    Sammy: This should answer your question:

    Best perk of being a DJ? 
    Dave P: Hmm, maybe all the Amtrak veggie burgers I eat going back and forth between Philadelphia and New York? Honestly though, for me it’s all the great people I’ve met along the way—actually some of my best friends I met because of DJing. 

    Sammy: You’ve been talking about those veggie burgers all week. Best perk though? Doing the same thing I’ve been doing since I was 12 and never getting tired of it.

    Sammy, use a metaphor to describe Dave. 
    Sammy: Trick question. You can’t describe Dave P without using his patented word “rad.” If there’s a good metaphor with rad in it, I’d happily answer, but until then I can’t be of any help. 

    Dave, if Sammy were a fictional character, who would he be? 
    Dave P: I’d say Don Draper from Mad Men, minus the alcoholism.

    What's next for you guys?
    Dave P: We’ll be ringing in 2011 together at the Making Time/R5 New Year’s Eve Freakout at 90 Degrees, which was formerly Transit, in Philadelphia!

    So...what are you guys gonna wear?
    Dave P: You know what’s sad? We both already know what we’re going to wear but we’re not going to tell you because that would take all the fun out of it.

    Listen to the mix.