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Rookie Road Trip: San Francisco

In San Francisco we took our readers to get delicious homemade ice cream at the Bi-Rite Creamery!

Girls at the meet-up were definitely the best dressed. So many great flower crowns!

A reader made Petra this awesome tie-dye badge!

After getting ice cream, we headed to Dolores Park to hang out.

This girl was wearing a super-sized flower crown and a space age dress!

We also finally got to meet one of our awesome diarists, Dylan!

And one of our super talented illustrators, Leanna!

I love this floral crown with Scrabble pieces spelling "LUV."

This girl had such beautiful butterfly clips in her hair that she made herself. 

Someone brought a kitty to the meet-up! We, of course, were obsessed with it.

Tomorrow we will be in Big Sur at the Henry Miller Memorial Library, where we'll be reading books and being cultured. Come meet us! - Hazel