• Rookie Road Trip: Portland Part 2

    For our second day in Portland we hung out around town to go shopping and eat burritos and be cultured. Our first stop was the infamous Powell's books

    Our hosts, Olivia and Cooper. Olivia got this insanely cool book of epic film scenes from the 1940s and '50s. 

    Then we went to House of Vintage where Tavi literally bought the whole store! It's definitely the best vintage store I've ever been to.

    Clothes and clothes and clothes.

    Cooper drew this picture of the Rookie Road-trippers!

    Later, Petra shot a future UO lookbook with Olivia and her friends.

    And tomorrow we are off to Eureka, CA! We'll be eating ice cream at the Bon Bonniere ice cream at 4:00 pm and then after that we'll go shopping at Shipwreck! See you there! - Hazel