• Rookie Road Trip: Omaha (Part 2)

    The first thing we did when we woke up (besides check our email/social networking sites for three hours) was go thrifting! We went to New Life Thrift after Omaha natives had been raving about it.

    Tavi and I being really cool. Clothes by Urban Outfitters.

    Then we had our meet-up at the Urban Outfitters in Omaha, where we ate pizza, painted our nails, and made banners!

    The (amazing) UO employees decorated the dressing room area to look so magical. They had so much candy and snacks for us I thought we were at some sort of super cool slumber party!

    Store manager Leslie with her weird Frankenstein-esque stuffed animal. She did such a great job at decorating and preparing for the event, along with the whole UO Omaha staff!

    We had all these delicious DRY sodas at the meet-up that we're now currently obsessed with! Petra drank (pretty much) all of them.

    I gave myself polka dot nails!

    Afterwards, Tavi and Petra styled some looks for a photo-shoot that will be used for a future UO lookbook!

    (Photo via Petra Collins)

    Tomorrow we'll be up really early to go to Boulder, Colorado! Meet us at Gateway Park at 7:00 pm for mini-golf, arcade games, and go-karts! - Hazel