• Rookie Road Trip: Omaha (Part 1)

    After Iowa City we headed to Omaha, Nebraska, the heart of America!

    Tavi cuddling with Boo

    Here are some weird things we found in gas stations: magical fairy glass statues...

    ...and dolls?!

    Petra took a bunch of photos of Tavi in front of this groovy "Thank You" sign at a gas station stop.

    In Omaha, we're staying with Tavi's friend Joey Koneko of the band Claire's Diary!

    There were all these weird vaguely threatening, sort of religious messages posted around Omaha. What is Omaha trying to tell me?

    For our meet-up we went to see Moonrise Kingdom and then hung out at Blue Line Coffee to chat about the movie and drink espresso-filled milkshakes!

    And here's a big announcement! Rookie Mag is going to have its FIRST EVER PRINT EDITION! It's a "yearbook" of our greatest hits of each month. It's going to be published by Drawn & Quarterly and will be out in September!

    So catch us tomorrow at the Urban Outfitters in Omaha (745 North 14th St.) at 3:00 pm for banner making and shopping and general awesomeness! - Hazel