• Rookie Road Trip: Columbus

    When we arrived in Columbus, Ohio, we headed straight on over to Jeni's ice cream parlor, where our Rookie meet-up was happening. The homemade ice cream was completely amazing and came in flavors like spicy "Bangkok Peanut" and "Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk." 

    We all hung out in the store eating ice cream and talking about babysitting horror stories, school pranks, and the love that Justin Bieber brings to young girls. Readers came from Columbus, Cleveland, and some were even from Kentucky! 

    They also brought tons of gifts. Seriously, tons! We got so many beautiful mix CDs with detailed descriptions of why and how the songs were selected as well as other things like letters, dream catchers, thrifted picture-books, and handmade zines. We also saved every single piece of wrapping paper that these gifts came in because A) all of it was pretty and B) we're all hoarders.

    Lil' cherub decorations = A+ wrapping job.

    These will definitely be going up in the van to bring us good dreams! 

    Petra took a polaroid of all the girls who came to the meet up. Doesn't it look like some ghostly vintage class photo? 

    Later, Petra shot a few pictures of Tavi looking moody in Columbus. Someone yelled at us because Tavi was leaning on their car but who cares because she looks awesome. She's wearing Moxi Lolly roller skates!

    For dinner we went to Harvest Pizzeria for Shirley Temples and really good food. Fun fact: Rookie writers ONLY eat pizza. Ask anyone on the staff, it's true.

    Across the street from the pizzeria was this triangular shaped church and when the sun went down, a giant shadow of Jesus was projected on the wall! The shadow was pretty terrifying especially since it just APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE. We had a good freak-out over it.

    Tomorrow we are headed to Ann Arbor, Michigan! We'll be meeting at Pinball Pete's at 4:00 pm and then we'll head on over to Blimpy Burger afterwards. See you there! - Hazel