• Rookie Road Trip: Chicago (Part 1)

    On Friday we drove to Chicago in a crazy thunderstorm. Tavi had Fruit-Rollups (so typical) that we ate in the car like little children. 

    "Food Blogging"

    Last night, Petra dislocated her knee while chasing Tavi down a hotel hallway. She's fine, but now uses crutches as her main accessory. Here she is in a 7-Eleven looking sassy. 

    Our meet-up was at Saki, a record, book, and art store in Chicago. There we had a little zine-making party using the awesome Rookie zine-making tutorial! Readers brought magazines, stickers, old photos, gems, and more to make their collaged zines.

    Petra posing with readers in a wheelchair that Saki just randomly had in the store

    So many girls had cute candy-colored hair and flower crowns!

    The Chicago-based duo Tiny Fireflies played while we made zines. Their shoegazy music was perfect for zine-making and collaging.

    We picked out a few records to make a "Rookie Magazine's Picks" display. We grabbed Grimes, First Aid Kit, Fleetwood Mac, The Breeders, Azealia Banks, Lana del Rey, and more. 

    We also got more gifts! Letters, journals, mix CDs, and candy. My favorite is a book of witchcraft a girl got us. Can't wait to perform some spells at future meet-ups!

    Check back tomorrow for my coverage of our second Chicago meet-up, a Girls Rock! Chicago show at Bottom Lounge at 2:00 pm. -Hazel