• Rookie Road Trip: Ann Arbor

    We woke up early to get on the road for Ann Arbor. On our way, we saw a sign for the "National Shrine of Our Lady" on the side of the road and since we're obsessed with shrines, we HAD to pull over! 

    We didn't find a shrine, really, but we did find a pretty white church that served as a back drop for a mini photo-shoot Petra did. We were all wearing red and white so the photos will probably have some seriously eerie "twin sister" vibes. Tavi even pulled out her portable record player and played the Carrie soundtrack on vinyl. So creepy...

    We also fell in love with the church's gift shop which was filled with beautiful jewelry, artwork, and sculptures of Christian iconography. We spent so much time in there. I think we might have bought everything in the store.

    In Ann Arbor we met up with readers at the arcade Pinball Pete's for games! Readers kicked each other's asses at Tetris and air hockey in the hot hot hot heat. 

    These readers had some pretty advanced facial hair.

    After fun and games, the Rookie readers walked in the sweltering heat (seriously, it was pretty bad) to grab burgers with us at Blimpy Burger

    After burgers we headed to a nearby swimming hole to cool off.

    Me laughing maniacally at the lilypads.

    Tavi lookin' cute in the water.

    Later we drove around, desperately looking for frozen yogurt (a sudden craving). We tracked one down in a mall, but it was closed. Luckily, we spotted some kiddie rides for us to play on...alone...in the empty mall...

    We totally almost got locked into the mall too. That would have made for an interesting blog post, right?

    So tomorrow we will be in Chicago at 3:00 for zine-making, dancing, and hanging out at Saki. We'll have some stuff for you, but bring magazines and supplies to help make the zines! Check back for more on the Rookie crew's adventures! - Hazel

    (In this post: some photos by me, some by Petra's boyfriend Avery Hunsberger)