• Romantic Movies: They Don't Make It In The End

    SPOILER ALERT WARNING!!!! The following romantic movies do not end with the characters living happily ever after. Now that you are aware, you can proceed.Ally

    Blue Valentine
    Starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling (spoiler alert: he doesn't look good when he's older), Blue Valentine is a heart-wrenching portrait of a couple falling in and out of love. Here's another warning for you: don't watch this film with your bf/gf when you're in the middle of rough patch—the movie's realistic fight scenes may make you realize you're not with the right person.

    They fall in love, make it safely off the sinking boat, and find an XXL piece of wood to lay on.  Rose takes all the room up, leaving Jack to grip on with his body fully immersed in the freezing water.  She tells him to "never let go" and then she LETS HIM GO.  If you haven't already seen the internet meme about fitting Jack on the wood with her (check it out here) you might feel bad for Rose. But after the few hours of Jack saving her life and risking death by dodging her ex-fiance's bullets, you can't believe she lets him freeze and plops him into the Atlantic like the Heart of the Ocean.

    Romeo + Juliet
    Leo just can't catch a break.  In the 1996 film adaptation of Romeo + Juliet, Romeo (played by LDC) and Juliet (played by Claire Danes), the two children of the rivaling Montague and Capulet families, fall a in forbidden love meant to last a lifetime.  However, their plan to run away together goes awry, leading to both characters' deaths. ;(

     500 Days of Summer
    This movie made me hate Zooey Deschanel, who plays Summer, more than any other character in movie history. How dare she break the precious heart of our beloved JGL! I bet she regrets it now, after watching The Dark Night Rises and realizing he's the next Robin. Take THAT Summer.  I hope you go listen to The Smiths and cry about it, biotch.

    My Best Friend's Wedding
    Nine years of knowing each other just doesn't cut it when your guy best friend has met the woman of his dreams, Kimmy (played by Cameron Diaz). When Julia's character swears it's meant to be, her friend George puts it the best: "Who's chasing you... nobody, get it? There's your answer. It's Kimmy." Sorry, Julia.

    Almost Famous
    As much as he acts like he's her boyfriend on tour, Russell Hammond drops "Band Aid" Penny Lane at the drop of a hat for $50 and a case of beer.  Russell chooses his girlfriend in the end, which leads to Penny's attempted overdose, her booking her plane ticket to Morocco and her leaving the man who really loved her behind—poor William.