• Romantic Movies: Tearjerkers

    Sad romance movies are a really important part of Valentine's Day. They totally teach us how to feel and stuff. Since everyone already knows how I feel about Titanic, AKA the greatest movie of the '90s, here are some other "classic" movies that will pair nicely with a box of tissues and a bottle (or three) of wine. Oh yeah, and The Notebook is absent from this list because I don't have the time to dissect one of the most meaningful stories ever set to film. God, guys.—Katie

    Cruel Intentions
    Did you automatically start singing this song in your head as soon as you laid eyes on this .gif? Because I know I sure did. DID THE TEARS START FLOWING DOWN YOUR FACE? Ryan Philliiiiiiiiiiippe.

    I can't even look at this .gif without clutching my pearls and weeping all over my desk.

    Charlie St. Cloud
    I don't know, Zac, but I bet you will tell me in the midst of your ghost sex and all those other weird things that happen in this movie. So many tears! If ghost sex isn't enough of a draw for y'all to watch this, then maybe this .gif will help. Or this one. Zefron may not be able to act his way out of a paper bag, but he sure is adorable.

    Oh, I'm sorry. You've never heard of Keith? It's only the greatest Jesse McCartney feature film ever made. Also, I'm saying that like I'm joking, but it's actually not a bad movie. Jesse McCartney is the cutest little idiot troll on the planet, and this is a solid teen romance movie with a "surprise" twist at the end. You can even watch it on Netflix!

    Free Willy
    A BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY ABOUT A WHALE AND A BOY! If by the end of this movie you aren't crying happiness tears and blasting this song while spinning in your room, then you are probably dead inside.