• Riff Raff Reviews 'Spring Breakers'...Sort Of

    Here's a video of Riff Raff trying to review Spring Breakers. Of course, he brings up the Alien and Riff Raff comparison, which leads to a long, nonsensical rant ending with him challenging James Franco to a MGM Grand boxing match. He's out of his damn mind but I have to admit, the thought of James Franco going out and buying a RR Halloween costume and superglueing it to his body made me lol.

    99% of the time, I want to grab RR by the shoulders, give him a good shaking and knock some sense into him (or some cents out of him. I wouldn't mind a diamond or two...). However, maybe he's right about this all, y'all. That other 1% of me believes that he is, in fact, the real Alien. Or an actual alien, seeing as how no human being could possibly be this annoying. How do we get his spaceship to come and transport him back to his former planet? Riff Raff phone home.—Ally