• Record Store Day 2013

    Record Store Day is THIS Saturday and I'm so pumped! There's a ton of cool releases this year including yet another weirdo 7" from Ryan Adams and friends; a 10" from Brian Jonestown Massacre; a cute, heart-shaped 7" from Kate Nash; a 7" from Hanni El Khatib; a triple cassette reissue of classic Kill Rock Stars samplers; an MGMT cassette tape (this comes with a digital download, don't worry); and a gazillion other rad releases. On top of the releases, local record stores usually do other fun things on Record Store Day (for example, a.k.a. music here in Philly will have live performances & free Narragansett pounders, hollllla), so ask your local record store workers if they have anything else planned. It's a super fun day and you're bound to walk out of your local record store with some awesome things, even if they're not RSD releases. —Katie

    Find your participating record stores here.