• Pull List: July 17, 2013

    POOL PARTY. Christina

    1. Issue #18 of Batman Beyond Unlimited from DC Comics.
    I feel like we've been over this a million times. I'm pumped for this comic.

    2. Issue #1 of Red Sonja from Dynamite Forces.
    I'll admit, I've never read Red Sonja. It's never appealed to me before and her costume makes me flinch. (Really, that's what passes for body armor these days?) But the title has just been given to Gail Simone and you know what? I'm gonna trust her and check it out. But which cover do I choose: Nicola Scott (above), Colleen Doran, Jenny Frison, Fiona Staples, or Amanda Connor?

    3. Issue #9 of FF from Marvel Comics.
    I can't do any better than the blurb: "What happens? POOL PARTY. Who do they fight? POOL PARTY. What do we get? POOL PARTY."

    4. Issue #1 of Batman '66 from DC Comics.
    I try to avoid mentioning two products from the same publisher for these pull lists, but this week I can't resist. A comic version of the 1960s Batman TV show and movie? How's that for a slice of fried gold?

    5. Stan Lee's How to Draw Superheroes from Random House.
    Because if there's one thing Stan Lee is known for, it's drawing.