• Prom Style Icon: Carrie

    If you disregarded the whole pigs-blood, murder situation that went down on at Carrie's prom, you would have realized that Carrie looked sooo pretty! Wearing a simple, '70s dress and glittery make up, she totally looked like prom queen. Then all that blood fell on her :(. Ugh, way to ruin a look, mean popular kids! Try these pieces and tips to get the (pretty and mentally stable) Carrie White look!

    Betsey Johnson Pink Label Mixed Up Prairie Dress
    An ethereal and flowy pale '70s dress is perfect for a Carrie prom look.

    Mia Braided Quarter Strap Heel
    Wear a chunky '70s heel! Just don't trip on your onstage accepting your prom queen award, although that's not the worst thing that can happen to you...

    Clip Scene Hair Extensions
    You can't have the Carrie White look without some seriously long straight hair.

    Anna Sui Eye & Lip Color Palette
    Get a simple but super groovy lip and eye palette to get you pretty for (pig-bloodless) prom! - Hazel