• Pride and Glory: The Rockers' Jacket

    If, like me, you love a good leather jacket, but think you lack the ability to make it look cool, then Pride and Glory: The Art of the Rockers' Jacket may be the perfect book for you. Filled with pictures of different leather jackets throughout the years, this book will inspire anyone to throw out their boring, wool peacoat in favor of a badass motorcycle jacket.

    Members Only Faux Leather Quilted Moto Jacket

    "But Katie," you say. "What if I love wearing leather pants? Can I still get away with wearing a motorcycle jacket?" The answer is yes. To avoid the Rockstar Tuxedo look (the leather equivalent to the denim on denim "Canadian Tuxedo"), look into a wool motorcycle jacket. Still awesome and you can get away with wearing leather leggings or pants without looking like you just walked off the set of Grease.

    VICE VEDA x UO Brenda Moto Jacket

    Already have a motorcycle jacket, leather or otherwise? I can guarantee that this book will convince you that you need to cover it in studs and patches. Immediately.

    Sure, you might not end up looking as cool as the girl above but gosh darnit, you can try. -Katie