• Pretty Little Liars Annotations

    Ladies and gentleman, my favorite novelty Tumblr of the week: Pretty Little Liars Annotations. It's simple. It's stupid. I spent an hour going through page after page, and you should too. But more importantly, I'll basically take any opportunity to write about Pretty Little Liars. Yeah, I watch PLL, and totally not because all the storylines revolve around high school girls hooking up with 20-something dudes (it's okay anyway, all these actresses are like, 25).

    As a super sophisticated and educated critic I can comment on how the writers basically reuse the same mangled plot points over and over. It's not like I really like the show (yes I do). And what's more fun than coming up with arbitrary power rankings for the main foursome each week based on a combination of their wardrobe choices and how boring their individual storylines are? This past week ranked as follows: Hannah, Spencer, Aria, Emily (though it took a heavy dose of Alex Mack to bring Aria back from the brink of irrelevance). I digress. For now let's just enjoy these irreverent annotations in all their elementary glory.Angelo

    This one is for my girlfriend who for some reason thinks Caleb is cute even though he totally isn't and is definitely the worst actor on the show. Sorry!

    Hey, hey, girls. That's not nice. "You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores." But seeing what mostly-terrible clothes the ABC Family producers and their advertisers want to sell to pre-teens is one of the best parts of watching the show. 

    Shout out to my girl Torrey DeVitto aka crazy Nanny Carrie on One Tree Hill aka the sketchy doctor on Vampire Diaries, aka the queen of teen dramas, apparently.