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    Pitchfork Festival: Women to Watch

    Pitchfork Festival has a solid lineup of women this year, and while we also love the dude bands that will be part of the festivities, there's just somethin' special about the ladies who go out there and kill it every night. So, just in case you're not well-versed in your uber-cool, under-the-radar bands (it's fine, I listen to Spice Girls almost every day), here are a few you definitely won't want to miss. —Katie

    This London-based group is 100% female, and they 100% fucking rock. It's best to just listen to them, but if you need a jumping off point, just know that they're often compared to Joy Division.

    Katie Crutchfield grew up in Alabama's punk scene, and now makes her own childhood-inspired songs as Waxahatchee. She is cooler than me and probably cooler than you, too.

    Angel Olsen
    Chicago-based Angel Olsen has a craaaazy good voice, so you should probably just listen to her above video. YOU'LL SEE.

    Frankie Rose
    She was in Dum Dum Girls AND Vivian Girls, which is like, let me just get up out of my chair to applaud her, and her solo synth-pop songs are equally amazing.

    Julia Holter
    Julia's songs are very floaty and atmospheric, like being in the ocean and space at the same time, but they're also super catchy which is one of the best music combos.

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