• Pitchfork Festival 2012 Street Style

    This year's Pitchfork Festival hit us like a tidal wave! Between the pouring rain, the hot, hot sun, and the amazing performances, we had the #FESTEVER weekend—ever.  Overall, we saw some really great looks and some very interesting rain gear (shout out to everyone who wore those huge blue trash bags like we did).  Here are some of our favorite photos we managed to snap between the storms at this weekend's festival! 

    King Krule was a pro at posing. 

    Hats were a must this year—whether you were shading yourself from the sun, or keeping the rain out of your eyes (must... save... makeup...).

    Grimes' dancers were hanging out all weekend long with their funky outfits, colored hair, and matching headphones.

    One way to beat the heat?  BYOF! (Bring your own fan)

    We saw so many rad accessories.  I mean, do you see those stripper socks? 

    This guy wins our Cutest Guy in a Sling Award.

    And Jesse from Tanlines wins the Cutest Member of a Band That Didn't Play Pitchfork But Had the Best After Party Performance Award.

    A Lull and their teal-tipped friend hanging out under some shady trees.

    Babes in shades. Plus, some futuristic baby sunglasses! How freakin' adorable?

    Two of the cutest couples (although the top two swore they weren't together or anything...).

    For more photos from us, visit the Urban Outfitters Instagram and check out the #FESTEVER hash-tag to see shots from the crowd! -Ally