• Photo Diary: Katherine Squier

    Katherine Squier is a talented young photographer from Austin whose textured and life-filled photography is a major inspiration. This month, in a season of holiday parties, nights out, and winter nights, we asked her to share a glimpse into her world and tell the stories behind the images. As she explains, "I photographed what caught my attention and evoked some sense of the flicker of magic, beauty, mystery, excitement, and glitz that for me comes along with colder holiday nights out at a party or celebrating with friends."

    A quieter moment on my deck: I was feeling elegant with my favorite vintage earrings and a new dress.

    While having drinks with my friends I couldn't help but admire the lights that gave the outside bar a moodiness.

    I really love this photo. I think it has a certain allure behind it, with the shimmer of the glass backdrop and the tease of a slight glimpse of a face.

    A handful of glitter: this feels bare and open to me.

    It doesn't feel truly like a holiday party until the sparklers come out. I can't help but be captivated every time I watch a sparkler burn through.

    Feels beautifully feminine and cinematic to me.

    I was just as happy as they were, watching the confetti fly; the aftermath. 

    I was sad my film came out so grainy, but still love this shot for the soft, enchanting glow of the light framing her profile.

    There is a beautiful luster in Memphis's coat. I had an 'aha' moment when I saw the tinsel fall next to him, how beautifully it complemented this understated elegance and grandeur I saw in him. Paired with his eyes meeting the lens, I am in love with this shot.

    This is the quintessential "the end" shot to me, with a flash of confetti and the nice blur to feel like a memory.

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