• R.I.P. Dear Abby

    Pauline Phillips, better known by her job title as Dear Abby, died Wednesday at the age of 94. Although she gave advice people could actually use, Phillips was also incredibly good at penning sassy one-liners to her readers. Let's take a look at what the NYT highlighted as some of the best advice Phillips doled out over her lifetime. If there was ever a role-model for getting it together, Phillips is it.—Katie

    Dear Abby: My wife sleeps in the raw. Then she showers, brushes her teeth and fixes our breakfast — still in the buff. We’re newlyweds and there are just the two of us, so I suppose there’s really nothing wrong with it. What do you think? — Ed
    Dear Ed: It’s O.K. with me. But tell her to put on an apron when she’s frying bacon.

    Dear Abby: Two men who claim to be father and adopted son just bought an old mansion across the street and fixed it up. We notice a very suspicious mixture of company coming and going at all hours — blacks, whites, Orientals, women who look like men and men who look like women. ... This has always been considered one of the finest sections of San Francisco, and these weirdos are giving it a bad name. How can we improve the neighborhood? — Nob Hill Residents
    Dear Residents: You could move.

    Dear Abby: I have always wanted to have my family history traced, but I can’t afford to spend a lot of money to do it. Have you any suggestions? — M.J.B. in Oakland, Calif.
    Dear M.J.B.: Yes. Run for a public office.