• Pattern is Movement

    Tomorrow night, April 30, watch and listen as Pattern is Movement unveil their new record at this week's Tuesday Tune-Out presented by the Cinedelphia Film Festival. Their music will be synched with scenes from There Will Be Blood as an album screening and listening party. The film will take you through the band's journey of the past four years, with an additional Q&A with the band members and the album's lead engineer. Plus, there's going to be free pizza from Pizza Brain. There are like, four wins here: music, film, an interview and the best food on earth. You've been warned in advance, so if you miss it, just don't come crying to me about it—I'll be busy in my bowling alley drinking milkshakes. The film starts at 7:30PM at the PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th St.).—Ally