• Party Tips: How To Be Photogenic

    Let me preface this by saying I'm not very photogenic. One day I was googling "Dawson Leery 1999" (which is what everyone should be googling in the year 2012) and on the second page of Dawson Leery crying, I found myself. That's pretty much how my face looks in any picture ever taken of me. I don't know how to look cute. Now that it's the season for holiday parties, I'm determined to figure out the secret to being photogenic before I lose another year of my youth. This VICE article claims that the secret to looking perfect in every photo is saying "DOUCHE," and while that helped me kill an hour of my life on photobooth, I don't think it's a long-term solution. Let's take a look at some people who are real good at pictures, and get yourself ready for all of the inevitable holiday party photos you'll be taking this season. -Katie

    In case you forgot, I love Sky Ferreira. She has always been kind of grungy, but lately she looks extra pale and exhausted in all of her photos. It's what all the kids are doing these days. And you know what? She looks good. Looking super wompwomp in party photos could never be my "thing" because of how much I resemble a Fraggle Rock character, but I highly suggest it for everyone else.

    Remember when Queen Bey kept doing this pose all the time? And everyone was like "THAT IS A VERY RIDICULOUS POSE, SWEET ANGEL BEYONCE"? But remember how she married Jay-Z and became one half of the greatest couple to ever exist? And she never looks less than perfect? What if this pose is the secret to the universe? What if this pose will give me my very own Blue Ivy? I'm going to start posing with my armpits out.

    Lana Del Rey is like, the least interesting person in the world to me, but she knows how to pose. She's always got that little upward tilt of the chin going on and it makes her look very elegant. Since I have a very short chin to neck ratio I can see this pose working very well for me, especially when combined with the Beyonce armpit. I'm gonna look amazing on my holiday card this year.

    Fashiontoast is a blogger I've been following for a while, and she has a lot of shots where she's looking down. Looking down is a classic blogger pose and it's so brilliant. Everyone looks pretty when they're staring coyly at the ground, even if the shot ends up looking contrived and whimsical. Bonus: It's a solid Instagram pose.

    So, there you go. We're all gonna look soooo good in all of our winter photos. YOU'RE WELCOME!