• Party Playlists To Get You Through The Holidays

    It's that time of year again, when holiday party season kicks into full gear and individual days and nights become a blur of twinkle lights, Santa sweaters and champagne hangovers. Some parties are going to be awesome (all your friends from home are now old enough to drink!), some are going to be a snooze fest (hello, teetotaling cousins) and some just downright awkward—what, exactly, does your co-worker mean when he keeps asking if you 'like to party'? 

    And then there's New Year's Eve, the party dreams (and nightmares) are made of. Love it or hate it, it's still happening. So to help you get through the next couple of weeks, we put together a few party playlists to help make sure the cheer flows as freely as the eggnog. Hey, you can always sleep in January. —The UO Blog

    The Family Dinner
    There's a little something for everyone on this playlist I've put together that will be perfect around a table of good friends, family, and food. Catch up and chill out over some of my personal favorite tracks.—Bob

    The Office Party
    Office parties can be pretty blah—at first. Banal office gossip at the beginning of the night, drunken karaoke at the end of the night and taking bets on who is going to make out with that hot guy from accounting. With these songs, your coworkers will show off a side you never thought you'd see—and that you'll never want to see again.—Ally

    The New Year's Eve Party
    If you're not sure what to play at your New Year's party this year, try out this undeniably fun playlist that'll make you get groovy AND think about your New Year's resolutions. Double whammy! —Maddie

    The After-Party
    Here is a mix put together with the king of the after party in mind (R. Kelly. Duh.). Blending throwback tracks with some more recent ones, this mix will hopefully help take your party to the next level (Whatever that next level is...I think we all know R.Kelly's after party agenda).—Lorin

    The Pity Party
    Sometimes the holidays just suck. Harry Styles is forever five years too young for you, eggnog makes you want to barf, your apartment is too small for any festive decorations and that dude you've creepily liked from afar since 2004 just got his girlfriend a puppy. IT'S ALL TOO MUCH. Instead of going out and depressing your friends, lie on your floor and listen to these songs that will remind you of being an angsty, weepy teenager. -Katie

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