• Packing for Spring Break

    Okay, so, I just robbed the local Chicken Shack and FINALLY have all the money I need to go to Spring Break!!!! But wait... what the fuck am I gonna bring besides my fat stacks?  Time to pick out my party gear and hop on a bus heading south. Cue the music, it's time to pack bitches! —Ally

    Urban Renewal Vintage Neon Hat
    First off. Neon. EVERYTHING NEON. And they definitely need to glow under black-light. These hats are perfect and come in four colors for me and my three BFFs who are like, totally going to find ourselves on this trip. (I'm throwing my middle fingers up.)

    Sparkle & Fade Cropped Side Vent Mesh Tee & BDG Lou High/Low Denim Short - Dye Tech
    Next, I'll need a badass outfit to wear on the bus ride down south.  My neon hat, plus my mesh crop-top and cut off shorts will give me that young, "girls just wanna have fun" look, with just a splash of trash. Now, where can I get these shorts air-brushed? 

    DC Pop Wayfarer Sunglasses
    For fun in the sun, going to concerts on the beach that take you to a different planet, and hangin' with da dopeboys.

    Lolli Tie-Dye One-Piece Swimsuit
    I need a totally skimpy bikini. If not, something neon tie-dye, with side-boob cut outs, and no back will definitely do during the wild booty poppin' party days! Or, it would look super swaggy with a pink unicorn face-mask and DTF sweatpants during sunset. Note to self: keep boobs in bathing suit.

    Gun Power Screwdriver
    Oh, duh, totally forgot to mention a gun. A gun is a MUST. Real or fake, you never know whose mouth you're gonna have to stick it in. Plus it's hot pink, what now motha' fucker? GIMME ALL UR MONEY!!!!

    Deena & Ozzy Gemma Festival Backpack
    Because need somewhere to stash them dolla dolla bills, y'all.

    Nike Delta Lite High-Top Sneaker
    Finally, some kicks. Did you think I'd be runnin' this town in flip-flops? Just ask everyone we stomped out. Check that pop of green—that's for Alien. Love you for fucking ever, mane. Spring Break Forever...